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Warm & Cozy

First post!

If you know me, you know that I am very truthful and blunt about products. If something is great, I will shout it and if something is terrible, I will be the first to point you in a different direction away from the item. It's just the way I am!

Each month I will be putting together some of my favorite must have items for the month. Some of you may already know about them, seen them in my own home, or just finding out about some items. All of which is completely fine as I will link each item for your own viewing/purchasing pleasure.

It’s no secret, I love fall & winter. With the holidays, I knew I needed to put together some of my favorite must have items from Amazon.

I have gotten quite a few compliments on my fall/winter decorations, so here is my Favorite Finds for November.

True Comfort

One of my favorite cookbooks for the fall/winter months!

Moroccan Oil Hydrating Bundle

With the colder months, your hair can have some serious static. This means, your hair is lacking moisture so hydrate with this amazing holiday bundle from Moroccan Oil!

Honest Hydrogel

Just like your hair, your skin can take a beating during the winter as well. This is my go to moisturizer as its super moisturizing but does not make your skin break out from excess oil.


With this economy, everyone is saving. Trips to the nail salon are being prolonged in my house, and this is honestly the best diy gel nail deal. Mine typically last about 10-14 days!

Lighted Birch Tree

Starting to decorate for Christmas, and this go to is perfect for just the right amount of Christmas right now.

Gold Velvet Pillows

All about the Velvet! Warm, soft, & cozy for watching holiday movies on the couch. Comes in a variety of colors.

Flickering Candles

Again, setting the mood and adding ambience for the holidays. Love the wooded look to add a little bit of "winter wonderland" inside.

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